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What Does It Mean to "Buy Black"?

Image Credit: Ebony Magazine

By Tiffany Balmer

If when we say "Buy Black" we often think of products, which is great! But what about all the Black Owned Companies that provide services? We should buy from them as well. It’s our goal to help Black Owned Companies be hired by large organizations and here’s how you can help.

  • Are you on the diversity board at your company or do you know someone who is? If so please share their contact information with us so we can reach out and start the conversation.

  • In the last few months many large companies have publicly stated they are dedicated to working with and hiring black own businesses; help us make sure they do this by putting us in contact with the person at that company who makes the procurement decisions.

  • Does your company need contract services, please let us know we can put you in contact with a Black Own Company that does the work you need.

  • Let's change the definition of “Black Friday” and make it a weekly norm. Shop Black products & SERVICES.

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