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"Do The BOB"

Our mission is to help Black-owned PSCs (Professional Services Companies) get hired by businesses and large corporations. During Black Friday season (starting Nov 16th through Dec 15th), we request you to take part in our "Do The BOB" campaign to create awareness. BOB stands for Black-Owned Business.


Instructions to "Do The BOB"?

1. Create LinkedIn and Facebook posts (status updates) and display one of the logos below. Post the logo before the text.


2. Copy and paste the highlighted text below into your LinkedIn and Facebook posts

3. Request three friends to also "Do The BOB". I suggest letting them know in advance that you will tag them.

Help Support Black-Owned Businesses. Why the US Economy Risks Losing $5 Trillion: Citi Group estimates that if four key racial gaps for the Black community (wages, education, housing, and investment) were closed today, the US economy would grow by $5 trillion in the next five years. What $5 Trillion can buy:

  • 140 million Teslas—a Tesla for every household in the US or,

  • Monthly rent/mortgage payment for every US household for 3 years or,

  • 7 new Iphones for every man, woman, child and beast in the US or,

  • A Big Mac for lunch every day, for every US resident, for 7 years or,

  •  26 Jeff Bezos or 2,000 Oprah Winfreys

Help grow the US economy by $5 Trillion. During Black Friday season, ask your company or organization: Are you considering Black-owned Professional Services Companies when hiring vendors? 

I request [@Friend One],  [@Friend Two] and [@Friend Three] to also “Do The BOB” by sharing the logo and text on social media.

Learn More:

Get In Touch w/ These Black-Owned Businesses:

#BlackOwnedBusiness #DoTheBOB  #blackbusiness

Some browsers force you to download .webp format which LinkedIn rejects.


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