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Hire Black-Owned Professional Services Companies

We are a community of vetted, high-quality Black-owned professional services companies. Need to hire a vendor? Consider our companies in the following categories: Technology, Marketing & Web Design, Sales & Business Consulting, Finance & Accounting, Law, HR & Staffing. Become a proud supporter and display our logo on your site.

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Collaboration With Large Tech Companies

We are currently working with SurveyMonkey and their 23 partners who have taken a vendor diversity pledge and will consider our Black-owned professional services companies when hiring vendors. These partners include Intuit, Zoom, 23andMe, Age of Learning, Box, Chime, Eventbrite, Genesys, Headspace, Intuit, Leaf Group, PagerDuty, Slack, Tile and Upwork


Inspired by The Excellence of The Tuskegee Airmen

The Tuskegee Airmen were the most successful squadron of pilots in the American air force during WW II.  Through extraordinary personal drive and hard work to prove themselves, they racked up an impressive record of battle victories and lost the fewest planes.
Despite their talents, they faced severe discrimination, not dissimilar to that faced by black owned businesses today.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Intervenes

It took the symbolic gesture of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt publicly flying with Tuskegee Airmen, to have them finally allowed to serve their nation in active combat.

Today, it will take the intervention of forward-thinking CEOs/executives of large companies to publicly take our pledge and commit to using their unique assets to support black owned businesses. This, in turn, makes it okay for others to follow suit--and give competent black-owned businesses the same opportunities afforded their white counterparts.

“If four key racial gaps for the Black community — wages, education, housing, and investment — were closed 20 years ago, $16 trillion could have been added to the U.S. economy. And if the gaps are closed today, $5 trillion can be added to U.S. GDP over the next five years."   

--Global Chief Economist, Citi Group

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Home: Who We Are

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